Side Walk Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your sidewalk can be a great way to erase months of dirt and grime that can accumulate on walkways with such heavy foot-traffic. Between pedestrians, bicycles, and children’s toys, the sidewalk in front of your business is constantly receiving wear. Each of these culprits is always leaving evidence of their passing in their wake. Concrete is an extremely porous surface, and as such, it absorbs almost everything it comes in contact with. This makes it extremely important to give it a good deep cleaning every now and then. It can be amazing to see the difference a high-quality pressure washing service that we can provide to your sidewalks. Here are just a few of the many benefits you can gain from investing in a professional quality pressure washing for your sidewalks.

 Make A Good Impression

Your sidewalk is most likely one of the first things visitors and guests are going to notice about your home or business. This first impression can go a long way. It can  shape the image customers and friends have of your home or business. Let No More Dirty, Dingy Sidewalks give your business a bad first impression. Make your sidewalk clean, crisp, and create a bright appearance. Pressure washed sidewalk can show your customers and friends that you take pride in your home or business’s appearance, which can work to instantly make your home or business more inviting. This bright new appearance can also work to increase the value of your home or business. It is actually considered preventative maintenance. 

Gum Removal 

Ever wonder how all of those black chewing gum spots are removed from sidewalks? Removing chewing gum is a common occurrence at many commercial properties.  Go to the entrance of any gas station, grocery store or market and you will most likely see the remnants of chewing gum stuck to the concrete.  Besides being unsightly, it also invites others to follow suit and discard their gum on the sidewalk.  Due to the chemical makeup of most chewing gum, and the acidity if the saliva it’s covered in, chewing gum should be removed as soon as possible.  There is a much better chance of concrete developing a stain when gum has been on the surface for an extended period of time and in extreme cases, gum can even etch concrete.

 Remove Mildew 

Green, dark-colored mildew and moss can make your sidewalk look grimy, dingy, casting a dreary pall over your entire home. Mildew grows on concrete due to the moisture on the surface. Make sure to clean this mildew before it has a chance to sit for too long. It’s extremely important as the longer it sits, the more deeply it can work its way into your concrete. Cleaning may no longer be a viable option. Having your sidewalk cleaned regularly severely reduces the risk of permanent mildew stains. 

Remove & Prevent Stains

 In addition to the build-up of dirt, mildew, your sidewalk is constantly being subjected to spills, leaking garbage cans, and much more. All of these can lead to extensive staining if they are allowed to sit for any length of time. These stains can become harder to remove over time. Until your only remaining option could be an expensive sidewalk replacement. These services can be almost 50 times what it costs for a quality pressure washing service, so it definitely pays to stay on top of it.

Reduce Slipperiness

 Another benefit of getting your sidewalks a professional cleaning regularly is that it will reduce or eliminate the build-up of slippery deposits. It will make your sidewalk much safer.